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Luke Thomas

Hello and welcome to my website dedicated to all things gambling.

My name is Luke Thomas. I am a UK-based gambler with over 20 years of experience in gambling. I've started this site to help all gamblers find out what their options are after being banned by Gamstop. My website features all gambling sites and casinos, bookmakers, poker sites, slots that are not on Gamstop.

I am fully aware of the fact that gamblers excluded by Gamstop are looking for new and fresh casinos and gambling sites to play on, and my website is aimed toward those visitors.

Let me tell you one thing – there are hundreds of gambling sites not on Gamstop, and you can enjoy all of them. Getting banned by Gamstop isn't an easy thing to go through, trust me, I know, but life goes on, and so does your gambling passion.

My gambling expertise

I used to travel a lot and did my fair share of visiting casino venues along the way. During my travels, I was lucky enough to meet many gambling experts and learn from them. The people I've met were my mentors and excellent purveyors of insider knowledge. They taught me all the secrets to success.

One thing I've learned from them is that there are no easy tricks to winning big. It takes time, effort, skill, and preparation to become successful in gambling, especially today in the age of the internet and online casinos.

I am a self-styled gambler, but I had the privilege to learn from the best. Let's be clear here – nothing can replace the good old practice and hard work, but it's a bit easier to snag huge scores with a little bit of inside knowledge.

Think big to score big

Now, I've left the casino empty-handed and broke on more than one occasion. This is the best way to learn the reality of it. Playing a game makes you win or lose; that's just how things are.

I was motivated by personal desire, pride, and thirst for success, but I always wanted to do something for the gambling community, to make it better. This need to score big and give something back strengthened my personal experience.

Being a gambler is a double-edged sword – on the one side, you're a winner of the moment, but on the other hand, you're a loser in the long run. That's where the difference between being just a gambler, and an expert comes into play. A pure gambler goes with the flow, not seeing the bigger picture.

On the other hand, a gambling expert calculates his odds, waits for the right moment, knows game theory analytics, and makes all the right moves to rise to the top as a highly competitive player. Things were a lot different in the past than they are today, in the internet age.

If you want to play cards, learn how to count them; the most practical card counting techniques are a concept known as back counting. Any technique that works to your advantage is useful, but I've always kept one thing in my mind – knowing how to calculate the odds.

This is the very foundation of gambling, as it all comes down to calculating the odds. There are so many gambling books and articles that go on about this. You can't be a successful gambler if you don't know how to make the odds work in your favor. That's the first rule of gambling in my book – if you can't tell the odds, don't bother.

Why I started this site

The biggest reason to start this site was Gamstop. I wanted to help people who were banned by Gamstop to find other options to play on gambling sites that aren't on Gamstop. This independent and free self-exclusion scheme changed the gambling game. It's intended for people with real online gambling problems who can't help themselves.

Gambling addiction is a real thing, but online casinos that offer nothing more than entertainment free of charge should be excluded from the bigger picture. After all, you can't ban people from doing what they love.

Even though the fact that gambling addicts can exclude themselves from online gambling sites has a ring to it, banning them from doing what they like can cause more problems than it solves.

Eventually, people will find a way to cheat the system. Well, that's exactly what I'm talking about here. My website is aimed at all those gamblers who would love to continue playing after being banned by Gamstop.

I have gathered all non Gamstop online casinos, bookmarkers, poker, gambling sites, and slots, where you can have your fair share of your favourite fun and enjoy a good gambling game.

I'm a passionate gambler myself, so I know how it feels when you can't do what you love. Well, I am here to change that. Through my website, every visitor can learn how to get around the Gamstop's ban, find online gambling sites where they can register and keep playing.

I've also gathered all the information regarding Gamstop and non-Gamstop gambling sites so that every visitor gets a good read on the matter. There are guides and reviews of non-Gamstop sites with pros and cons, and everything else a decent gambler needs to have some fun.

I will keep up the good work and gather every piece of information on Gamstop and non-Gamstop gambling sites of all kinds. My main goal is to make each one of my visitors a professional gambling expert who knows how to make the odds work in his favour and always leaves the house with huge scores in their pockets.

Life is all about having fun, enjoying the adventure, and excitement. Games of luck have always been a part of it. All a player has to do is keep one eye on the game and the other one on the odds. With a little bit of luck and knowledge, everything is possible. Good luck!

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