New Live Golden Wealth Baccarat Game for Non GamStop Players April 18, 2023 Luke Thomas

New Live Golden Wealth Baccarat Game for Non GamStop Players

Golden Wealth Baccarat Live from EvolutionWhen it comes to playing live casino card games online, one thing that you will discover is that there are more than enough such games available to play for real money, even if you have added your name onto the GamStop self-exclusion register.

However, one game that has recently been released by Evolution Gaming which makes a pleasant change from playing Blackjack is their new Golden Wealth Baccarat game that plenty of non GamStop casino sites have recently made live.

But if you are familiar with playing Baccarat and fancy getting stuck into playing that new variant there are several differences regarding how the game has been designed, and with that in mind allow me to give you an insight into how it plays and pays below.

Be aware though, much like all other live casino games that you will come across online, is that you will only find it available in a real money playing environment, as it is not available at any casino site as a free play game.

Now read on to see whether it is a game that appeals to you, and it if is then you will be pleased to learn that you can play it for a range of different staking options, including some very low stakes, or conversely if you are a high roller you will find plenty of non GamStop casino sites that offer some extremely high maximum table stake limits.

How Golden Wealth Baccarat is Designed

To play Golden Wealth Baccarat online you will first need to locate a live casino site that has it on offer, and I am pleased to let you know that many of the top rated non GamStop casino sites that you will see listed and reviewed throughout this website do have it on offer, so make sure you check some of them out.

The game has been designed in such a way that there are 8 full decks of playing cards in use in the shoe, and you will always see them clearly on the live video feed that game utilizes, and for the record you will also see the cards being fully shuffled too when it is time to shuffle the cards.

Now, there are no main differences regarding how you play the game when it comes to the game play rules, therefore it is the hand that is nearest to or equal to the value of 9 that will be deemed to be the winning hand.

There is a commission to be paid but that is only going to be taken from all winning Banker hand payouts.

As each new round is about to be played, a total of 5 Golden Cards are chosen to have special multipliers attached to them, and the ones that are chosen completely at random will have a multiplier valued at either x2, x3, x5 or x8 attached to them.

You will of course be kept up to date with just which cards they are onscreen and will also be alerted to the multiplier valued attached to those special cards too.

As for the standard winning payouts, they are 1:1 on both a winning Player Hand and a winning Banker Hand too and a winning Tied Hand will pay out at odds of 5:1.

The way in which the multipliers can come into live play is when you place the Player or Banker Pairs Side Bet that side bet wager will cost you a 20% fee based on your base game wager so keep that in mind. Cards are burned at the start of each new shoe and the side bet wager is not returned in the event of a tied hand.

If you do fancy your chances playing this hot new game, which can see you winning some mega amounts of cash if everything falls into place when you are playing it, then as mentioned above, check out any of the top rated casinos dotted around this website as they are some of the very best casino sites available anywhere online.

You will also be able to chat to the Dealer and your fellow players when playing this new live game, and to do so simply type your message into the on screen chat box, if you prefer however you can turn off the chat facility, that choice is going to be yours to make, as some people do find the chat box to be slightly distracting.

Live Casino Game Bonuses and Comps

There are plenty of unique live casino games in addition to the Golden Wealth Baccarat games that you can get stuck into playing online, and one question that I do get asked a lot is whether there are going to be just as many bonuses available to live game players as there are available to software driven casino card game players.

Plus, many of you out there will also want to know whether you are going to be earning comps too when playing real money live casino games, and the answer to both of those questions is that yes, you really are going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to live casino bonus offers and you will also earn comps at many casino sites when playing live games as well.

Therefore, as part of your selection process when you are looking around and comparing different non GamStop casinos, make sure that you always check you just what promotional offers and player rewards are going to be available to you online as there will be plenty of high valued ones readily available to you.

But at the end of the day, always keep in mind that all bonuses will come with their own unique set of rules and there only play through requirements, so do check out the small print attached to any promotional offers and only ever make use of the best valued ones to ensure that you get the maximum playing value is my advice.

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