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  1. The Terms and Conditions version 0.0 indicated in the text below is last updated on 17/10/19. Before any further action, please make sure that you have carefully read the complete Terms and Conditions.
  2. The Terms and Conditions are created to navigate the use of this website. The use of this website will be considered to be your consent with the Terms and Conditions. Additionally, you become subject to any guidelines, rules and policies determined by the website which can be subject to change.
  3. You should be properly notified if any changes regarding the Terms and Conditions occur and be required to re-confirm that you agree with the new Terms and Conditions.
  4. In order to access the site and its features, you must agree with the Terms and Conditions.
  5. In the further text, the Terms and Conditions will be referred to as “The Terms” or “The Terms and Conditions.” The owner of the website will be referred to as “the Company.”
  6. The website serves only as an informative page listing brands that are currently not a part of gamstop.co.uk. This website is not in any way directly affiliated with, authorized, sponsored, endorsed, or maintained by any other party.
  7. In case there are other language versions of the Terms available, the English version will always be the one to relate to.

Restriction and Jurisdiction

  1. By agreeing to the Terms and setting your account, you confirm that online gambling is legal in the jurisdiction of your current location. Also, you confirm that you will not access this website from any other country in which such an activity is illegal and prohibited.
  2. In case you are not familiar with the rules in your current jurisdiction, please contact a person who can legally advise you on the matter.
  3. Although the service might be available in some countries, it is your responsibility to confirm the legality of the website in use.
  4. In case of any legality violation, the Company keeps the right to dissociate from any liability related to it. The Company will not be held accountable for reimbursing any player’s winnings or losses if there was a legal irregularity.
  5. The player holds the responsibility to comply with the Terms, as well as the laws in the jurisdiction in question at all times and by all means.
  6. The minimum age requirement is 18, or above if it is specified as such by a particular jurisdiction. The player’s duty is to inquire what is the legal age limit for taking part in online gambling. The Company is allowed to request proof of age from a player and suspend the access to the website if the player fails to provide the proof.
  7. To be able to open an account, a player must provide the Company with his personal information. The Company reserves the right to verify the validity of the information provided by the player.
  8. The following countries are restricted from the use of this website:

Risk of Loss

  1. By agreeing with these Terms, the player acknowledges that gambling is a game of chance that can result in monetary loss.
  2. The Company will not be considered responsible for any financial loss of the player.
  3. It is solely the responsibility of the player to take care of their personal details such as their username and password used to log into the website. Any misuse of the mentioned details will be considered a player’s negligence.

Addiction Awareness

  1. This website is designed as an entertainment tool only.
  2. In case you are diagnosed with gambling addiction or compulsive gambling disorder, you are prohibited to gamble on this website.
  3. If you feel like you are on your way to become a compulsive gambler, the Company strongly advises you to seek professional help.
  4. The Company has the permission to suspend the account of a player that shows any signs of gambling disorder.

Accepted Currencies and Payment Methods

  1. The Company allows the use of the following currencies:
  2. The payment methods that can be used for depositing and withdrawing your money are:

Taxes and Fees

  1. It is solely the responsibility of the player to check what taxes and fees apply in the jurisdiction of their current location.
  2. The player will be charged the fee amount when withdrawing his winnings, if applicable.

Game Rules

  1. Before playing any of the games that can be found on the website, the player should become familiar with the game rules.

Availability of the Games

  1. Some games might not be available in specific jurisdictions due to the game or the jurisdiction policy.

Privacy Policy

  1. The Company is legally obliged to collect information from the player in order to allow them to use the website. The Privacy Policy is there to explain the reason behind this action, as well as the way we are dealing with the player’s personal information.
  2. The player is obliged to provide their personal details in order to be able to create an account on this website.
  3. The Policy is also subject to change, and the player’s duty is to stay informed regarding this matter.
  4. The personal information the Company requires includes:
    • All your personal details required to register on the website;
    • Documents for proving your identity;
    • The correspondence between the Company and the player;
    • The transaction history;
    • Website login details, location details, traffic data and any other activity that went through our system.
  5. The Company cannot share the player’s personal information with any third party unless there is a legal requirement coming from any higher authorities. Therefore, the Company is bound to protect your personal information from any other third party which is not in any way connected to the law.
  6. The player is free to close the account at any given point in time.

Cookie Policy

  1. The Company uses cookies since they are an essential part of the website’s smooth operation.
  2. The player will be notified about the use of cookies, as well as about the settings option which enables personalization of this feature.

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In case you have any queries or uncertainties about the Terms and Conditions of this website, feel free to contact us whenever convenient, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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