Gamstop Register Users Can Play Progressive Slots Online March 9, 2020 Luke Thomas

Gamstop Register Users Can Play Progressive Slots Online

Progressive slot machines are by far and away some of the most played slot games online, and that is due to the jackpots those games have on offer.

However, once you have added your name onto the Gamstop register you may be worried that you could play those slots, win a jackpot and have your winnings confiscated, and that surely would leave a very sour taste in your mouth.

That is in fact something that will happen to you if you play those types of slot machines online at casino sites that are part of the Gamstop scheme, but by playing at non Gamstop registered casinos you will be free to play any games you like for real money.

Therefore if you have added your name onto that self-exclusion register, and ever get the urge to start playing progressive slot machines online, then you need to ensure that you only play at casino sites or at a mobile casino that isn’t part of that scheme.

You will find plenty of non Gamstop registered casinos listed and reviewed around this website, all of which I am happy to report are fast paying casino sites, and each of which are going to be offering you lots of different progressive games, some of which do offer life changing jackpots by the way.

Which are the Best Non Gamstop Progressive Slots?

When you log into a casinos site that has slot machines online, much more so those that can and do award one or more progressive jackpots, you will often find there are many such slots on offer at those sites and may be wondering which are the very best ones to play.

Keep in mind that each slot machine, whether it offers a progressive jackpot or not will have its own long term expected payout percentage, that being the percentage of players stakes that it pays out to players as winning pay-outs.

The very best progressive slots to play therefore are always going to be the ones that have the highest possible pay-out percentage which is often referred to as the RTP of a slot, and the ones that I tend to play more often than not are those that have an RTP set higher than 97.00%.

There are of course no guarantees that you are going to win even when you do set forth playing a slot which boasts a much higher long term expect pay-out percentage than other slot machines, but over your long term play you will certainly get more winning pay-outs coming your way and spinning in when you do play such slots.

Some progressive slot machines offer randomly awarded jackpots, and those slots often are the ones that low stake players should set about playing, for they still have a chance of winning a jackpot even when playing for tiny stake amounts.

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