Discrimination and Racism Linked to Gambling Harms among UK Minorities December 7, 2023 Luke Thomas

Discrimination and Racism Linked to Gambling Harms among UK Minorities

Discrimination and Racism Linked to Gambling HarmsSummary:

  • A new GambleAware study found that discrimination and racism are major drivers of gambling harms among minorities
  • They also serve as a barrier to seeking help
  • GambleAware will launch a new funding programme in Dec to address the issue

A new report from GambleAware highlights discrimination and racism as major drivers of gambling harms among adults from Minority communities in Great Britain. These negative experiences also prevent those with gambling problems from seeking help.

Gambling Harms among Minorities Driven by Experiences of Discrimination

GambleAware launched the research to look into the gambling harms experienced by people who face social inequality, including those from minority religious and ethnic groups.

The study aims to provide a better understanding of the factors affecting the gambling behavior of members of minority communities and fill the existing knowledge gaps on the differences in gambling harms experiences between Minority and White British Majority groups.

The study, conducted by Ipsos, the University of Manchester, and ClearView Research, involved a survey of 2,999 adults (1,220 Minority and 1,779 White British Majority) aged 18+ across Great Britain.

The research found that those from Minority communities who are dealing with gambling issues are 50% more likely to have experienced public discrimination and racism, compared to those without any gambling issues.

The research also found that members of Minority groups are three times more likely to use gambling as a “coping mechanism” to deal with the challenges of life, compared to White British people (18% vs. 6%).

The research has identified a link between experiences of discrimination and racism and the respondents’ vulnerability to gambling harms. For instance, some participants revealed that their gambling behavior had become worse when they experienced reduced employment opportunities and social exclusion.

Discrimination and racism are not only identified as major drivers of gambling harms among members of Minority groups; they also serve as barriers to seeking treatment and support. Some participants revealed they’re put off accessing help from healthcare providers and support services due to past experiences of racism and discrimination when they tried to seek help.

The lack of awareness of support services and perceptions of a lack of options in terms of the type of support that they would get were also cited by some respondents as barriers to seeking help.

New Funding Programme to Boost Support for Minorities

In light of the key findings of the research, GambleAware will this month open a new £4.3 million funding programme to address additional burdens of gambling harms experienced by members of minority groups. The funds will be available to organizations in England, Scotland, and Wales.

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