GambleAware & YGAM Launch EGEH Programme to Protect Young Brits October 25, 2023 Luke Thomas

GambleAware & YGAM Launch EGEH Programme to Protect Young Brits

English Gambling Education HubSummary:

  • The new project involves seven national and local partners
  • The initiative aims to raise awareness and reduce the impact of gambling harm among young Brits
  • Participating schools and organizations can take advantage of the various programs offered under the new project

GambleAware has launched a new education initiative aimed at combating gambling harm among young people.

Called the “English Gambling Education Hub” (EGEH), the program will be facilitated by Ygam, GamCare, and five local partners.

It is commissioned by GambleAware and works in partnership with its Scottish and Welsh counterparts to help raise awareness and minimize the impact of gambling harms on children and young people throughout England.

EGEH Focused on Early Intervention and Gambling Harm Prevention

The other organizations involved in the EGEH project include Beacon Counselling Trust, ARA, Breakeven, NECA, and Aquarius. They will work alongside Ygam and GamCare in achieving the project’s main goal which is to strengthen the capabilities of the Youth Services, Family Services, and Formal Education sectors throughout England to provide early intervention and prevent gambling harm.

The initiative aims to establish a “virtual community of professionals” whose work revolves around children and young people, and provide them with clear, evidence-based information, support, and education.

EGEH will complement other existing programs run by Ygam, such as the “Gambling Education Quality Mark”, which offers schools an opportunity to gain recognition of their commitment to gambling harm prevention through education. The quality mark is awarded to schools and other educational institutions in recognition of their gambling harm prevention efforts and good practice in safeguarding the youth.

EGEH is also offering a Quality Assurance Support Package (QASP) for organizations delivering youth gambling harm prevention training, either directly to children and young people, or to professionals whose work is focused on the youth. The package is a set of resources that provide guidance and support for training providers so they can gain accreditation for their work. The entire process is also handled by Ygam.

Education Vital in Fight Against Gambling Harm

Commenting on the new project, Anna Hargrave, Chief Commissioning and Strategy Officer at GambleAware, highlighted the importance of early intervention programmes like EGEH in protecting people from gambling harm which she described as a “serious public health issue” that may impact anyone, including children and young people.

Kyle Riding, Head of Programmes at Ygam, sees EGEH as an opportunity to establish a network of people who share the same goal of promoting awareness of gambling harm and reducing its impact on young people across England. Likewise, GamCare’s Programme Manager Shirley Tomkin acknowledges the importance of education in protecting the next generation from gambling harm.

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