Gordon Moody Highlights Gambling Harm Treatment Successes November 21, 2023 Luke Thomas

Gordon Moody Highlights Gambling Harm Treatment Successes

Gordon Moody AssociationSummary:

  • Gordon Moody reports 10% increase in servicing Brits during first half of 2023-2024
  • The charity improved its pre-treatment support but noted it should not be a substitute for treatment
  • Gordon Moody’s treatment services continue to be effective in the UK market

UK charity Gordon Moody continues to be successful in its delivery of gambling harm treatment services across the UK, with its latest insights report showing that more and more people are reaching out to the charity for help and support.

Gordon Moody Records Increase in Treatment Applicants

For half-year 2023-2024, the number of service users at Gordon Moody jumped by 10% to 481 from 431 in the same period in 2022-2023. The majority of those who applied were men (76%), while women and transgender people accounted for 23% and 1% of the total applications respectively.

Gordon Moody saw an increase in applications from the 18-24 age group, and while that represents just a small percentage of the overall applications, the rise in numbers indicates that people are seeking help earlier than previously, the charity said. Most of the applicants were from the 24-34 age group, the report notes, consistent with trends observed nationally.

For the reporting period, Gordon Moody observed a smaller-than-expected percentage of people from ethnic groups availing of its service. Going forward, the charity will work harder to ensure treatment is available to all.

When it comes to client complexity, for half-year 2023-2024, Gordon Moody saw a drop in mental health issues and drug and alcohol misuse, but criminal offences rose by more than 150%. There was also a 17% increase in the number of clients who had attempted suicide.

The charity’s application processing time improved significantly after it hired more staff and introduced a more efficient assessment and decision process. At half-year, it delivered more than 500 pre-treatment one-to-one sessions (an increase of 68% from the past reporting period) and a further 25 group sessions.

While the organization acknowledges the importance of pre-treatment support, however, the charity asserts that pre-treatment support does not work as a substitute for treatment.

Effective Treatment for Gambling Addiction

The latest report highlights the effectiveness of treatment at Gordon Moody, with improvements recorded in treatment outcomes for both gambling harm and psychological distress.

Treatment outcomes based on the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI) improved by 18 points (residential programmes) and 16 points (retreat and counseling). Treatment scores for CORE-10 also improved by 14 points and 11 points in residential and retreat and counseling programmes respectively. The report notes that post-treatment scores for both the PGSI and CORE-10 continue to be low.

The latest aftercare data show an increased engagement with ex-service users, with Gordon Moody reporting a rise in participation in both one-to-one and group sessions by former clients.

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