Hints and Tips for Playing Non Gamstop Casino Roulette March 9, 2020 Luke Thomas

Hints and Tips for Playing Non Gamstop Casino Roulette

It does actually surprise a lot of Roulette players, just how many different variants of that hugely popular casino table game are available online, and today I want to give you some idea of just which variants you should be playing online for real money.

The most important thing to keep in mind though about the game of Roulette is that it is a complete game of chance and there is no skill whatsoever regarding how to play it, so even first time players could have an amazing run of luck when playing Roulette online.

Another aspect of Roulette that you do need to be aware of at all times, is that each variant you will come across at different online casino sites and mobile casino site and even in land based casinos too, will be designed with a different house edge.

The house edge is the theoretical profit the casino is expected to win from players over the long term based on the design and each variant, and as such the very best Roulette variants to play are those that have been designed with the very lowest house edges, as they are much lower risk games to play that the variants with a much higher house edge.

Low House Edge Roulette Games

Let me now move onto giving you some idea of just which Roulette games you should be playing at any non Gamstop casino sites or non Gamstop mobile casino sites you come across.

Any Roulette game that offers a side bet of any type or even any number of side bet options should be avoided, for those sides bets tend to come with some huge house edges, and even though the winning pay-outs those site bets could award may seem high, the high house edges will eat away at your bankroll over the long term.

American Roulette is a variant on which there are two zeros in play on the wheel and on the betting layout too, so never play those variants for that extra zero results in the house edge on that game being high at some 5.26%.

European Roulette on the other hand is available at a lot of non Gamstop casino sites and on non Gamstop mobile casino apps too and that game due solely to the fact that there is just one zero on the wheel comes with a much lower house edge of just 2.70%.

If you only tend to bet on even money paying betting opportunities when playing Roulette then you should play the French Roulette game variant for due to the game play rules which either see players getting half of their even money paying bets back when a zero is spun in or those bets stay on the betting layout for the next spin when a zero is spun in, that variant has an even lower house edge of just 1.35%.

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