Playing Slot Machines Optimally at Non Gamstop Casinos March 31, 2020 Luke Thomas

Playing Slot Machines Optimally at Non Gamstop Casinos

There is of course a random number generator attached to every slot machine you will come across, no matter where those slot machines are on offer. That ensures that there is never any way of knowing whether a slot machine is going to pay out or not, and each spin is completely random too.

However, there are plenty of slot playing strategies that slot players do tend to adopt, and by knowing what they are you can certainly get some much longer slot playing sessions, and often ones in which you do win big too.

With that in mind in today’s guide I am going to be looking at some of the very best ways that you can play slot machines, and do keep in mind that even if you have put you name onto the Gamstop register, you are still going to be able to play slot machines online.

Those casino sites that are showcased throughout this website are all non Gamstop casinos, so all players are welcome to play at any of them, and one thing you will notice if you do give any of them a try, is that they have a huge and in fact ever growing suite of slot machines on offer to their customers too.

Increase Your Chances of Winning Playing Slot Machines

The first thing you need to always be very actively hunting down, no matter where you choose to play slot machines are the RTP’s of the ones on offer to you. There can be some slot machines that offer very low pay-out percentages and you need to avoid playing those slot machines.

The average RTP of most online slot machines are between 94.00% and 96.00%, therefore by finding those slot machines, and there will be plenty of them at most casino sites, that offer long term expected RTP’s of over 97.00% then you will be playing slots that will ward you with more winning pay-outs over the long term.

Another way to lock in plenty of playing value when playing slot machines is by playing with bonuses but do always read through the bonus terms and conditions to work out whether they are going to give you an increased chance of winning or not.

Finally, each slot machine will come with either a low, medium or high variance, and as such if you want to play slot machines that will allow you to recycle your winnings lots of times, then play those that not only have high payout percentages but those that come with a low variance.

But if you want to chance your arm so to speak, and are prepared to play high risk slot machines that can award some huge winning pay-outs every now and then, play the slots which have been designed as high variance slots.

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