Top Casino Payment Options for Gamstop Users March 9, 2020 Luke Thomas

Top Casino Payment Options for Gamstop Users

There will of course be a need for anyone that is on the Gamstop user to not only locate a casino site at which to play and gamble at, if that is something they do want to do, but also find a very cost effective and convenient way for them to also make a deposit into such a site too.

Plus, there is of course always the chance that you could win when playing for real money at any casino site, and therefore there is also the need for you to ensure that you have a withdrawal option at hand that will allow you to get paid out any winning you do achieve quickly, in full and with no additional fuss or hassle too.

With that in mind, what I am going to be looking at in the following guide, are a range of different online casino payment options that you may be interested in or even thinking about using, and I will let you know the pros and cons of using each of them too.

As for whether you are going to be able to use a credit card to gamble with as you main funding source, well that is no longer an option for UK based gamblers, as the UK Gambling Commission has told all credit card issuers that they much not let their customers use a credit card to fund any type of gambling site account.

Web Wallets, Cryptocurrencies and Prepaid Vouchers

If you have added to your name to the Gamstop register then you will of course not want to have gambling site deposits and withdrawal showing up on you bank statements, and as such you should therefore avoid using a debit card links up to such accounts, and should not make bank transfer to such sites or get paid out your winnings via a bank transfer either.

You will however find that you can use a web wallet at most non Gamstop casino sites, and as such if you want to do so then simply open up a PayPal, Skrill or a Neteller account as those web wallets can be used to fund online or mobile real money casino accounts and also can be used to receive winnings form such sites too.

Many people who are on the Gamstop register will choose to use prepaid vouchers as they can by them from most shops and use them as their main casino funding source, but you will need a different withdrawal options if you do the same.

Finally, you will also find that you can now use cryptocurrencies to fund any type of casino site account, and all that you will need to do so is a digital wallet and then buy a cryptocurrency to go in that digital wallet.

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