What Makes a Comp Club a Good One at Non Gamstop Casinos? March 16, 2020 Luke Thomas

What Makes a Comp Club a Good One at Non Gamstop Casinos?

It will be the sign up welcome bonuses that you are going to find very appealing when you make the decision of signing up to any of our featured and top rated non Gamstop casino sites, and those bonuses are of course always there for the taking if you wish to claim any of them.

However, each of those casino sites are also going to have their own loyalty scheme in place too, and those are often known as comp cubs or players clubs. This guide is going to be letting you know what makes such a scheme a much more generous one, so please read on and digest what I am about to let you know.

It will be the number of comp points that you will be earning based on just how much you wager that you will need to check out when choosing a non Gamstop real money casino site at which to play at, and the more points you are awarded with per dollar wagered the better.

Also, the redemption rates that you will be offered at any such casino site is important too, for the lowest the rates for turning your accumulated comp points into playing credits the better, so always make sure that you select a site that offers a high number of comp points with the lowest possible redemption rates too.

Getting More Comp Points when Playing Casino Games

Once you have located a non Gamstop casino site that has a good and generous and very rewarding comp club scheme in place, then you need to be aware that some casino games, due to their very design are going to allow you to earn many more comps as you play than other games.

Take for example when you play slot machines, I would urge you to consider not only playing the slots that have the very highest payout percentage attached and on offer on them, but those that have a low variance type of playing format and structure too.

The reason for me saying that is low variance slot machines are designed to award players with more low valued winning combinations as they are being played, which means players can then often recycle their bankroll and those winnings multiple times on each low variance slot playing session they have.

By being able to recycle your bankroll and those winnings multiple times then in turn that will see you being able to amass even more comp points when you can then of course redeem and turn into additional playing credits.

Some other games worth playing due to some very high payout percentages and very low house edges are games such as video poker and Blackjack games too.

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